Announcement No.3

 International Conference on Vietnamese Studies – a scientific event having been regularly organized by the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and Hanoi National University since 1998. Going through 5 conferences, recommendations, viewpoints and research results of Vietnamese studies scholars are increasingly valuable as the academic consultation for leaders and executives of Vietnam in the process of formulating guidelines and policies for the country’s socio-economic development. In 2021, continuing with the desire to make practical contributions to the construction and defense of Vietnam, the 6th International Conference on Vietnamese Studies focuses on the theme "Viet Nam’s Active Integration and Sustainable Development".

 The 6th International Conference on Vietnamese Studies 2021 – consisting of 10 panels with diverse and rich contents related to different fields and specialties of social sciences and humanities. The conference aims at the extensive development of Vietnamese studies globally, as well as being a forum for scholars to make practical policy recommendations contributing to solving contemporary problems of Vietnam, and actively contributing to the process of international integration and sustainable development for the goal of rich people, strong country, democracy, justice and civilization. The conference attracts researchers and the media to the Vietnamese identity, culture, people and nation as well as Vietnam's contributions and efforts in the process of building a peaceful and stable environment in the region and in the world.

 Panel Session

Panel 1: International and Regional Issues
Panel 2: Ideology, Politics
Panel 3: Ethnicity, Religion
Panel 4: Education, Training and Human Development
Panel 5: Economics, Technology, Environment
Panel 6: Linguistics, Literature
Panel 7: State and Laws
Panel 8: History, Archaeology, Sino-Nom
Panel 9: Culture
Panel 10: Sociology

Date: 28-29 October 2021
Location: Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences
Organization Format: Online and Offline